Sunday, June 12, 2011

Child Star Plays Classical Piano at Old Cal Coffee

On Sunday, June 12th, 2011, the San Marcos Art Council put on their weekly Art and Music show at Old California Coffee House and Eatery in San Marcos, Ca. where 16 year old piano playing, singer/songwriter Lizzy King and her big brother Nate on drum box, performed for the first time! Each week, the San Marcos Art Council invites local artists and musicians to come play, perform and display their art work to give exposure to the artists and to give them a venue to showcase their work! The San Marcos Arts Council provides the weekly venue at no cost to the artists and the artists are selling their art work and keeping 100% of the proceeds! The San Marcos Arts Council also provides a small scholarship to student musicians for performances of classical and jazz music. Here is a little clip of Lizzy King and her brother Nate performing and playing Live Music at Old Cal Coffee... Take a look! I remember sitting on my patio one night watching one of our weekend performers, taking notes for my blog, when I started talking to Lizzy's Dad, who began talking... ok bragging about his little girl... "Lizzy King". He went on and on... "Like any proud Dad would" to the point of embarrassing Lizzy a little bit, but it was all in fun! He kept insisting that Lizzy was a great pianist & singer/songwriter, so I told him what I was doing at the coffee shop for the Sunday Matinee and how I was introducing new artists, new musicians and bringing in the art and music Matinee. I exchanged information with Lizzy, who is very professional for her age and booked the gig directly with her. I was so glad I met Lizzy because she did an AMAZING performance for us on Sunday wither brother Nate and they were simply.... "Awesome!" Here's a picture of the packed house as they were playing their gig... We also had one of Old California Coffee Houses' very Own Erin Nenow playing piano that day. She has taken lessons for 12 years and rarely performs in front of an audience, so when I found out Erin played piano, I couldn't wait to invite her to play. The main objective of the San Marcs Art Council is to provide venues for musicians, student or ameteur musicians and artists to showcase their work! This was a perfect example of a successful day! The San Marcos Arts Council puts on this weekly event is held every Sunday at Old California Coffee House and Eatery in Restaurant Row in San Marcos, Ca. Come on down and support your local artists and musicians. It's a great time for all. Our featured artists of the day was actually Sara Hancock who brought guitarists friend David with her and these guys rocked the house too! It was an amazing day! I have a picture of Sara and David performing on piano and guitar, take a look. I remember the first time I was introduced to Sara Hancock through a mutual friend and regular coffee shop visitor Joclyn Wolfe on a Friday night. I was told that she was a singer song writer and that I had to get her in here to play. So I made her give me a demo cd as I do with all musicians who play at the coffee shop, and wow was it good! It was just a home video, nothing too fancy, but I just wanted to make sure she up for the challenge! She "NAILED IT" Just take a look at how comfortable she is singing in front of a huge crowd! Thanks again Sara Hancock! We loved your performance! Now let's not forget about the artists... We had three great artists displaying their paintings and art jewelry that day. Terri Mille, a painter and photographer who's specialty is painting horses, which is dear to my heart as my wife Giovanna rides dressage at a nearby horse barn. We also had Sara Dorian, which displayed her amazing art Jewelry and of course, John Sprague from the Merkhaba Project. Take a look at the fun filled day of art and music. Thank you to all of you who participated in this fun event and thank you to all the patrons who came out for a day of art and music at old California Coffee House and Eatery in San Marcos, Ca! .... in Restaurant Row! This is Sara with her Friend Jess, who also is an artists and has great art to look at.... Thanks for coming out girls, We loved having you!

A special thanks goes out to SMCF San Marcos Community Foundation for sponsoring this event! We couldn't do it without you!