Monday, May 21, 2012

The Yellow Wellies, Sponsored by The San Marcos Foundation

The Yellow Wellies performed live at the 2012 Spring High Tech High Masters Series on May 18, 2012 in Twin Oaks Gallery. COVER song: The Cranberries "Zombie".

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Community Car Show & Art Walk at Restaurant Row

On Sunday, May 6th 2012, Old California Restaurant Row hosted a Car Show and Art Walk in the parking lot and along the Village Shops! It was a Sunday Classic with a perfect blend of flavors that included Great Food, Great Cars, Live Music and an Art Walk. From Ferrari's to street rods to old classics, the car show had something for everyone. The Art consisted of paintings, jewelry, Pictures, Framed Art, hand made cards, wreaths,  hats, flowers and much more. The Music was great and performed by Bill Bradburry and Gunner Biggs. This was the first of many Summer Events scheduled at Restaurant Row in 2012. Click Here to stay informed about upcoming events at Restaurant Row.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Featured Artist: Julianna McDuffie

Around this time last year, Julianna McDuffie sat crocheting a purse on Carlsbad Beach sand. A domestic beach day with husband, children, and brothers triggered a fantastic performance/public/found art project. Julianna set up her blog “The Curious Pebble Project: Random Acts of Art—One Girl’s Quest” at Her first post outlined, each step paired with a lovely photo, finding that first pebble, crocheting a little sweater for it, and hiding it for someone to stumble upon.  She credits her husband for the idea, quoting him as saying, “Hey! You know what? You should make some of those crocheted rocks while we are at the beach… and then just leave them there for someone to find.” At this early stage, her intention was mainly performative, focused on the act of finding pebbles, sitting in their environment crocheting, hiding them, and hanging around to watch the reactions of those who found them.