Saturday, April 9, 2011

Reggae Music in San Marcos?

Saturday night April 9th, Coco Jam Stand brought their rastafari roots and culture to Old California Coffee House & Eatery to play Reggae in San Marcos, Ca. Spencer Relator on Lead Guitar and vocals, Todd Mata on Drums & Chase Cloyd on Bass & Rhythm guitar played Reggae covers like Bob Marley along with original songs of their own. This is a great band with a great story as these youngsters can really play! Coco Jam Stand was invited to play at our regular Sunday Matinee Art & Music Festival and we were so happy with their performance, we booked them on Saturday Night. Our Sunday Matinee is reserved for student artists, up and coming artists & teacher/student recitals, but because they did such a great job, I felt they deserved a headline spot on a Saturday night and they did NOT disappoint. The Patio was packed with coffee shop patrons and fans of Coco Jam Stand. It was a cool scene as some the girlfriends, family members and friends came out to support the band. The entire coffee shop, employees and customers were still talking about the band the next day. They were saying things like, "What a cool band last night" & "What a great Vibe these guys put out" and many more great comments! Look for Coco Jam Stand to play at North County's "Premier Artist" Coffee House with Live Music every Weekend in the near future! I would highly recommend Coco Jam Stand to play at any venue as they are really good, very respectful and great to work with.... Here's Clip from their perfomance playing badfish from Sublime... Sorry the sound is just ok & lighting is terrible in the clip, but take a listen... I think you'll like it... Coco Jam Stand - Sublime- Badfish

A special thanks goes out to SMCF San Marcos Community Foundation for sponsoring this event! We couldn't do it without you!