Sunday, February 20, 2011

Poetry & The Spoken Word @ Old Cal Coffee

About two weeks ago, I was approached by a board member of the San Marcos Arts Council, Mr. Eldon E. Eller, and he asked me if I would host a Sunday Art & Music Matine'e on the patio of Old California Coffee House & Eatery. I asked him what he had in mind and Eldon explained that the idea is to have a place where student or armature artists and musicians can come and showcase their talents. Eldon further explained, he thought a friendly, safe environment that had people attending. Eldon was looking for a location that would allow artists and musicians to gain experience and exposure to further their career. I couldn't say "YES" fast enough.... At this point, I have a vision in my head that we have a table setup on the patio where an artists, ie, painter, photographer, sculptor, can come and display their work, sell their work and keep $100% of the proceeds and it doesn't cost the artist anything. Secondly, I pictured a musician playing classical or jazz music, setting the scene and ambience for a great Sunday Art & Music Matinee.... I was excited to be part of it... Even though we are just getting started, the support and interest from the community is there. Just take a look at a local painter by the name of Jessica Johnson, along with Matt Dominguez in the background reading poetry on the patio. We are pleased to be partnered with S.M.A.C. and hope to work with them on other projects throughout the year. The San Marcos Arts Council is gaining tremendous popularity within the San Marcos Community, so come on out and support your local artists and musicians on Sunday from 3 to 5 pm at Old California Coffee house & Eatery.

A special thanks goes out to SMCF San Marcos Community Foundation for sponsoring this event! We couldn't do it without you!