Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Community Car Show & Art Walk at Restaurant Row

On Sunday, May 6th 2012, Old California Restaurant Row hosted a Car Show and Art Walk in the parking lot and along the Village Shops! It was a Sunday Classic with a perfect blend of flavors that included Great Food, Great Cars, Live Music and an Art Walk. From Ferrari's to street rods to old classics, the car show had something for everyone. The Art consisted of paintings, jewelry, Pictures, Framed Art, hand made cards, wreaths,  hats, flowers and much more. The Music was great and performed by Bill Bradburry and Gunner Biggs. This was the first of many Summer Events scheduled at Restaurant Row in 2012. Click Here to stay informed about upcoming events at Restaurant Row.

The Car show was amazing and the Ferrari's were the big hit, but some of the other cars attracted just as much attention. Many were classics that you just don't see any more... Maybe its me, but the older I get, the more I appreciate the old classics... but there is nothing wrong with mixing a little new with a little old and that's exactly what we had here at this extraordinary event.

 The San Marcos Arts Council was there to show it's support of the arts community. A BIG special Thanks to Jacob who came up with art & craft idea for the kids to participate in necklace making. It was a lot of fun and totally FREE to make the necklaces thanks to the generous support of the the San Marcos Community Foundation. Jacob is so creative as he took really cool rocks or shells and some thin wire to wrap the rock or shell in with different patterns and attach it to a colorful leather strap and really cool necklace was created. My son Dylan and my wife Giovanna made one together... He loves rocks & shells as that is all we do is pick up rocks and shells every time we go to the beach. Thanks SMAC!

The Artwalk & Musical Performance in the Village Shops area featuring local artists and a performance by MandoBasso, a duo featuring Gunnar Biggs on bass and Bill Bradbury on mandolin.

Here we are in the parking lot behind Old California Coffee House & Eatery directly in front of Rhythm City Gill and Canape’s and the Village Shops… Just so you can get an idea of where the event was held. As you can see, there were several artists that lined the walkway from Old Cal Coffee to the Village Shops in the Back.

Here is Greg Snaer from TERI Inc, who participated in the arts festival and Craig & Giovanna Garcia who were there with their son Dylan to support SMAC, TERI Inc and the Car Show/Art Walk. Greg, Craig & Giovanna all serve on the board of directors at SMAC. Thanks for your support  everyone!

Here is Giovanna from the San Marcos Arts Council admiring the work of a local artist.

Several hundred people, maybe even a thousand or more during the three hour event visited the car show and Art Walk in Restaurant Row. We were there for just over an hour and we already saw several hundred people ourselves and it was getting busier and busier as the event went on. Restaurant Row did a stupendous job in creating a wonderful event for the community of San Marcos and surrounding cities to come and enjoy such a unique and cool attraction.

I love the old rides…Check these out… My Dad had a Chevy Pickup like the one you see in this picture… I remember him restoring it when I was a kid…

From Old Rides to the new ones... It was all COOL....
The Corvette Car Club was there along with some other Muscle Cars both New and Old… If you look at the picture below, you will see the Ford Shelby and in the background, past the Live DJ Station are the old Muscle Cars and way down there under the blue tent is 55Yard Line’s Funny Car… It’s super Cool, You need to check it out…

and don't forget about the muscle cars... both new and old were represented...
There was even live music in the parking lot provided by a local Disc Jockey to play music, provide information and entertainment for all...

Did you catch the spray paint artist behind the Village Shops... Really cool artwork.

 The Art Walk and the Car Show was FREE to attend & FREE to park. They had it all roped off, so you could walk around the parking lot and not have to worry about getting hit by a car. They brought in extra rest rooms to accommodate the extra crowds. The weather was amazing as it always is in San Marcos Ca. All in all, this was an excellent event and I would highly recommend attending the next one! You might want to stay tuned for future events at Restaurant Row, because if they are anything like this one, it will sure be a great time for all. To Stay Informed, visit our website and blog to find out more about local art in our community.