Wednesday, April 11, 2012

SMAC Supports Artwork for Barham Dr Quad Structure at CSUSM

On April 11th at 5:30 PM, The San Marcos Arts Council held its monthly meeting at Old California Coffee House & Eatery in Restaurant Row in San Marcos Ca. In attendance: Craig Garcia, Jacob Angelo, John Walker, Mike McDonald, Raziah Roushan, Janice Arcaro, Marilyn Huerta and Lisa Schirmer as our guest speaker.

Above is Michael McDonald and Greg Snaer holding the design work from Lisa Schirmer of Diseg no2 llc, who gave a beautiful design presentation for a public art piece that will be a part of the new Quad structure being built for CSUSM students on Barham Drive. This functional artwork will serve as the entry gates to the Quad Dorms.
Here is a picture of Lisa and Jacob holding a small piece of the artwork that will be on the gates at the student housing porject for CSUSM on Barham Dr in San Marcos Ca. If you notice Lisa is laughing because I asked Jacob to grab the metal artwork and hold it up so I could take a picture of it… The funny thing is…. The piece weighs about 75 pounds and it was big and bulky. No worries, Jacob is awesome and can do anything, as you can see, he grabbed it like it was no problem! lol  Thanks Jacob! You’re a Rock Star!
It was recommended by Jim Desmond, City of San Marcos Mayor and Michael McDonald of Urban Vilalges that the San Marcos Arts Council review the plans for the city art project in hopes that other organizations will want the support of the arts council when it pertains to public art projects throughout the city of San Marcos.

Once Lisa Presented her plans for the artwork to be displayed at the New Quad Structure being build on Barham Dr for the students of CSUSM, John Walker motioned that SMAC support this project, Craig Garcia seconded the motion, and the group unanimously voted in support of this project. Craig will provide a Letter of Support to Mike McDonald. Mike shared with the group how this project is being financed through builder project/city funds  specifically designed for public art throughout San Marcos. Mike also suggested that SMAC and/or CSUSM host an art talk with Lisa Schirmer once artwork is complete. Lisa can share her process with local art students and educate students about her work and public arts. Marilyn, Craig & Lisa will help to facilitate this when the project is complete.

The Quad, the complex nearly doubles the University’s student housing by adding 597 beds to its existing 614 beds at University Village Apartments. CSUSM President Karen Haynes and City of San Marcos Mayor Jim Desmond drove the first nails into structural support beams at a private ceremony held at The Quad construction site at 200 East Barham Drive, San Marcos Ca and the project is underway. The $50 million project is made possible by an innovative public-private partnership between Cal State San Marcos and Urban Villages San Marcos that allows the campus to expand its available housing for students without utilizing tax dollars, impacting campus debt or financing capacity. The first phase of housing is expected to be completed by fall 2012 with 288 beds. A second phase, which will add 309 more beds, is slated to open by fall 2013.