Sunday, July 10, 2011

The San Marcos Arts Council’s Sunday Art & Music Show

Today's featured artist was Janeane Povilaitis, black light art. Janeane is a very talented artists who creates art unlike any other artist we have ever showcased for the Sunday Art & Music Show at Old California Coffee House & Eatery before. It was a great day of art and music as always, when it comes to the San Marcos Arts Council, they do things right. The goal here is to showcase local artists and musicians, to give them a venue and audience and allow them to practice or showcase their work. The feedback from the artists, the musicians and the audience is tremendous and it is a good time for everyone! The musicians are getting a chance to perform in front of an crowd, where otherwise may not get a chance to perform at all, so I think we are doing some real good in the community here twith this program. Please come out to support your local artists and musicians as they practice their craft in front of a friendly audience and practice their music in hopes of getting booked for gigs in the future. This particular Sunday, we had a young, but really good band come play this particular day. It's a local Raggae band called Coco Jam Stand with local San Marcos Musicians, Spencer, Chase & Todd, who cut his hair so short for the Summer, I didn't even recognize him... lol Sorry Todd. I looked right at you and I thought to myslef, I know this guy, but who are you again...? lol Oh, I was a little embarrassed, since I know these guys very well now... Anyways, all in all, a great day with lots of fun, great art and awesome music. So the next time you want to relax on Sundy afternoon and enjoy yourself with great art and great music, come on down to Old California Coffee House and Eatery in San Marcos, Ca where the best Live Music is always happening, all weekend long!

A special thanks goes out to SMCF San Marcos Community Foundation for sponsoring this event! We couldn't do it without you!